First Friday Art Stroll

Oh, the culture of art. Throughout history, art has survived.  From the early days of hieroglyphics on the walls of 9 mile Canyon to the most amazing wall murals in the urban cores of our cities, art survives.  The creativity of the artist is alive and well in Ogden on the First Friday Art Stroll – held, ironically, the First Friday of every month.  Started as a summer activity, the art stroll has grown in popularity and now continues year-round and features upward of 25 venues!  The most populated galleries tend to be the famed Eccles Art Center, at 26th & Jefferson, along with Gallery 25, and the up & coming Crowley-Wilkerson Gallery, the latter on Historic 25th Street.

The Eccles Art Center features awe-inspiring artists, ranging from the famous to the firsts.  Competitions are very popular on their walls, with engaging art that rotates through monthly.  The galleries at Ogden Blue are unique in that the artist is usually hanging out in their studio, working on their next masterpiece.  Cara Koolmees’ ability to craft watercolor into amazing tapestries of recognizable street scenes is worth the trip up the 40-someodd stairs to her gallery above Bistro 258.  The newer galleries on the stroll offer interesting venues, like the Alison Benjamin Gallery at the Scowcroft Mansion – who can resist walking through a 101-year old classic Ogden home with art lining the walls? Of course, many of the galleries serve that classic, time-tested beverage made with fermented grapes… fuel for the trip.

The hardwood floors and high, lofty ceilings are worth the trip to the Crowley-Wilkerson Gallery, set in the 100 block.  Hard to resist the antiques in Tammy Crowley’s store as you make the trek up those stairs!   In Gallery 25, many of our local salt-of-the-earth Ogden painters are featured – and it’s the cultural blending that makes Ogden so different than other mundane art exhibits.  You can stop in any one of our extremely Cheers-like watering holes… Brewskis, worth the walk-through to view… City Club, with the collection of Ringo, Paul, John & George… KoKoMo, a walk back through time with the most reasonably priced drink on the block… and for more color, check out the newly-relocated Hog-Den, home to our Harley-lovers!

The art stroll is unique in Ogden for several reasons:  Can you say “colorful and eclectic” street scenes…. Against the amazing backdrop of the mountains… almost all within walking distance.  You’ll never be able to see it all in one night, so be sure to come back again & again….  There you have it – a great reason to be in Ogden on that First Friday!

For a great guide, come by the Scowcroft Mansion at 795 24th Street… 801-393-1188

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  1. Ogden’s such a beautiful place. I’ll actually be heading up there a week from sunday to visit a friend of mine. I’d love to ride up there on a harley davidson. I’ve always wanted to do a harley road trip.

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