Slackwater Pub … a new culinary gem

There is no slack in this water, whatsoever!  Ogden welcomed the newest member of our restaurant family to town this past week – and I know you’ll like it!  Specializing in pizza and sandwiches, all made in-house … down to the YEAST… the food is amazing.  In addition to a fabulous menu, Slackwater Pub & Pizzaria (hereafter referred to as Slackwater) boasts the largest collection of microbrews – close to 70 – in Northern Utah.   Also featured is a wine-preservation system, complete with nitrogen-sealing upon opening of the bottles.  This allows the wine to last much longer, thereby offering wine drinkers the chance to enjoy wines by-the-glass that you’d rarely want to spend the kind of money it might take to get a bottle.  Perfect for those “glass of wine with dinner” folks, this wine bar may be the ONLY one in the State!

Location, some say, is what makes or breaks those in the restaurant business – and being right on the river, the venue was begging for an overhaul.  Sitting in the space next to Bingham Cyclery that was formerly Peleton’s, (and we liked Peleton’s, too, it just was a daytime thing… didn’t have the night-time vibe…), Slackwater owners Kriss & Justin have brought ambiance magic to the riverbank.  Soon to feature a rock wall separating the calming sounds of Harley Davidsons & bad muffler jobs from the atmosphere of al fresco dining, this change will further enhance a great outdoor patio.  The newly restored Ogden River is just feet away, as is the famous river walk which runs from the mouth of the Ogden Canyon to Riverdale.

Shall I begin with service?  Well, coming from one with extensive cooking & restaurant experience, I tend to be a little critical of service, but really, when you’re able to completely keep it all together with an opening night crowd, there’s nothing but accolades to the wait-staff and cooks.  The first week is crucial, we all know that, and Slackwater passed that test with flying colors.

On to the food … you HAVE to try the Mulligatawny soup … creamy, curry goodness that you can’t stop eating from first spoonful to the last.  Our group LOVED the “From the Earth” pizza – covered in shallots, red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic & spinach.  Chicken Marsala is great as a dinner entrée but even BETTER as a pizza topping.  The Taste of Thai is also worthy of mention – with that cilantro, peanutty goodness – there were no leftovers there, either.  And for those picky eaters who won’t eat the crust… believe me, you’ll eat the crust.  It has flavor, texture, and isn’t just filler… must be that homemade yeast.  Three down, ten to go, and even then, you can always make your own.  In addition, there are sandwiches, salads and appetizers for every budget.

Dessert… was a whole new experience with the Cajun Delight… a most amazing and different dessert.  Pecans, custard, chocolate, cream, caramel… do I have your attention yet?  And for those east-coasters, a New York style cheese cake with all the trimmings awaits your discriminating palate.

Ogden needs things to do at night.  We fail miserably in the category of “night life”, and now, we at least have another venue to frequent.  Live music will be featured throughout the week on select nights, and it looks to be a place for gathering, eating, drinking, and just being Ogden.  Thanks to Justin & Chris for bringing their dream here to share with all of us…  1895 S Washington… at the river & the sign… if you need to call ‘em, 801-399-0637…  See you at the Slackwater!

5 Responses to “Slackwater Pub … a new culinary gem”

  1. Tim Daniels says:

    Looking forward to Rockin it. Aug 20th 6PM to 9PM

  2. Kari Cook says:

    Looks Amazing!!!! Your mom was telling us about the restaurant, and her GREAT vacation. I love this write up, it highlights your restaurant perfectly. Bon Appétit!!!

  3. Diane Peer says:

    I wish I could pop in for pizza and a glass of wine. You got rave reviews!! Lots of hard work, for sure. Good for you, Kriss and Justin. Love, Aunt Di

  4. Rachel Rowlette says:

    Amazing food, beer, entertainment and service! “Tastes like burning” pizza really did taste like burning! “Of the earth” is amazing as well! “Iron Horse” has an awesome classic taste and the “Marsala” is also amazing! The entertainment on Friday and Saturday night sets a comfortable mood and atmosphere!

  5. Courtney J says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this restaurant! California Sunrise and Margarita are my favorites so far! I have eaten there four times now and will continually go back again and again! I think they should be featured on food network! They are simply AMAZING!

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