Ogden Golf at it’s Finest

Ogden Golf & Country Club was founded in 1914 with just nine holes. Designed and built local golf enthusiasts, those original nine holes started the golf craze in Ogden. Ernie Schneiter Sr., the golf professional for 19 years, designed the current front nine holes which were added to the course in 1948.

The course boasts the most amazing scenery filled with mature trees and challenging terrain. With Ben Lomond and Mount Ogden on two sides, you can’t go wrong. On a clear, crisp day, you’ll see these surrounding mountains over the top of the course, like sentinels guarding the castle. Each season at the course offers distinct advantages, starting with the spring – chilly mornings followed by gorgeous daytime weather. Or not! Some days end up with rain or snow, however those are our Utah seasons. The Fall reflects colors of the green grass, framed in yellow, orange and red leaves. During the summer, the scenery is just plain wonderful, and the course, always changing!

The club offers fun golf leagues for every member, Ladies Day leagues, Ladies of the Evening and Men’s leagues. Fun tournaments dot the schedule, often featuring fundraising for many local philanthropies.

The Pro Shop features the latest clubs from Titleist, Taylormade and PXG! With the new indoor golf driving range right in the Pro Shop, try out your favorites without leaving the building! Whether your pick is an iron or wood, hit with all of them on any golf course in the world. Clothing for both men and women line the Pro Shop, because you’ll definitely need some of these amazing choices.

Summer brings hot weather, so be sure to grab your towel and swimsuit to enjoy the pool! With the snack bar close by, enjoy delicious wraps, salads and fries at poolside. If you’d rather, the tennis courts rest adjacent to the pool area, so you can drift back and forth between the two!

Lastly, our executive chef Chad Garner whips up the mouth-watering fare for your dining pleasure. From individual dinners to banquet fare, the entrees contain delectable ingredients. Creative salads, delicious sandwiches and incredible steak & seafood selections fill the menu!

Always Ogden

Ogden City Hall 2007

AlwaysOgden.com started about 16 years ago as a way for me to show off all of the great recreation places, restaurants, events and features that the Ogden area has to offer… Mayor Matthew Godfrey was in office and Ogden was beginning to change from the sleepy, inexpensive railroad town. Then, the Recession knocked us off the stool. The great projects were put on hold, foreclosures skyrocketed and the momentum of the early 2000’s was lost for a few years. One of the first posts I did was on the Wonder Bread plant, located in the middle of Ogden. The amazing smell of bread, Twinkies, HoHos, and more, spread throughout the city. The smell was especially delicious when I would be leaving the gym…

From out of nowhere, some horrible hackers got ahold of my lovely site, turning it into rubbish – it took years to rid the site of the shocking posts! I am a firm believer in incredibly long and confusing passwords, lots of editing and checking comments on the page, and keeping material relevant and exciting. Which is where the City of Ogden is today – relevant and exciting!

Beyond the thrill of Historic 25th Street, there’s so much more. Don’t miss the amazing Monarch, Nine Rails Arts District, and the upcoming Wonder Block. Watch for massive community murals that dot the city streets. Art galleries have sprouted, along with cute cafes, new coffee shops, record stores, and community theaters. Ogden also possesses quaint housing stock, which has improved dramatically over the past ten years. My goal is to bring these homes, businesses, people and places to your fingertips.

In addition to Utah Real Estate, you’ll get to know my great agents, who are at your beck and call. I’m also including my favorite vendors! From contractors to best hang outs, you’ll be able to see them all.