Ogden Farmers Market

Every Saturday from May to October, Ogden City brings out the best in produce, artisan products, food and music to create the Ogden Farmers Market. Planned and organized by Ogden Downtown Alliance, the market features a block full of produce and specialty foods. Two additional blocks are filled with booths selling everything from clothes to food, from artwork to collectables.

Mixed in with the booths, the street features our custom horses, each painted with their own unique design. From local businesses to historic icons, these fabulous horses line most of the streets in Ogden’s downtown core. Many visitors have taken advantage of the terrific photo ops with their favorite horse in the background.

One of the favorites in the Ogden Farmers Market lineup is the bread stand from Volker’s Bakery. The smell of fresh bread permeates the market and by day-end, nearly every loaf is on its way to a happy household. Food booths vary from fresh ready-to-eat fare, to prepared jams and jellies. Produce is in abundance at the market as well, ranging from fresh lettuce, beets and carrots, to every type of fruit imaginable.

Our Ogden Market also features a wide selection of clothing. From the trademark Ogden-Made brand to dresses with an international flare, you can easily find something to fit your wardrobe. Capes, dresses, t-shirts and children’s clothes are plentiful and offer wide choices for the shopper.

Artwork plays an important role in the Market, including Cara Koolmees watercolors to oils, wind chimes and handmade wooden cutting boards! Often, the artist is manning the actual booth, so you’re able to talk to the artist! The art booths are a great source for unique and one-of-a-kind gifts.

The music along the street is amazing and diverse, with multiple stages featuring bands and solo artists. Kick back in one of the Adirondack chairs and enjoy the interesting assortment of musical styles.

While you’re visiting Ogden’s Historic 25th Street, be sure to pop into the Lighthouse Lounge for some great food & drinks!